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Interstate Park to Osceola Landing Trip

Here’s how it works

First, Make a reservation online or by phone. Next, park your car at our location at your check-in time. From there you will be shuttled to Wisconsin Interstate Park where you will enjoy views and a tour on your way to the landing. Before launching, your group will receive an orientation designed to make your trip safe and fun. You then have however long you want to kayak the 7 miles back to Osceola, most people spend between 2-3 hours on the water. At the Osceola Landing you will find a Riverwood Beach Captain ready to return you to your car parked only a few minutes away.

Solo Kayaks
Tandem Kayaks
Stand Up Paddleboards

Explore the St. Croix Dalles: a deep gorge of basaltic rock formed thousands of years ago. This area has been the site of many historic events from steamboat building to giant log jams of the lumber era. Below the Dalles the river widens and vast mussel beds lie below the water.

About two miles south of the Wisconsin Interstate State Park another set of basalt cliffs rise from the water and offer another chance to paddle beneath steep rock walls. During periods of good precipitation, a paddle through Close’s Slough, past Franconia Landing (river left), offers opportunities for solitude in wooded floodplains.

There is plenty of wildlife to be seen and hidden lakes to be explored. In the main channel, stop at one of the sand bars for lunch. At the end of this stretch, the Osceola Bridge comes into view and picturesque sandstone bluffs rise alongside it. Just past the bridge on the Minnesota side of the river is Osceola Landing.